Benelux network for interim managers and consultants

Brainlink Europe Group unites independent interim managers providers in Europe.

Mission: To provide a trans European network of interim management providers, one in each country.

To offer a vast network of independent highly qualified and experienced interim managers at senior management level.

In addition, to offer the possibility to interview one on one leading managers in each area of expertise  by Telephone.

Now we are open for applications from each country. If you are offering a minimum of 1500 qualified interim managers, if you have good credentials and a proven track record, we invite you to send your application. You will then receive an application form and a confidentiality agreement.

Application Form : Name, adress, case study, references, goal, turnover, company mission.

Members must: Communicate their Brainlink membership in all their communication. Share experience with other members. Contribute to the organisation on a commission base. Translate the Brainlink webpage into their local language. Add a link from their website to the Brainlink page on

Members receive: Free membership open for evaluation each year. The access towards thousands of interim managers in each country. Missions from fellow members. Information on the european interim management business.

Brainlink, we want to be the largest European organisation for interim management with local expertise in each European country.