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Independent financial services

You now get an independent expert for your investments and financial planning. And that at a fraction of the price.

Our advisers are (former) top financial experts who have had a long career in banks, investments, tax consultancy or other financial advice. They can FINALLY talk freely about the ins and outs of the financial world.

The most valuable information is now at your fingertips. Ask us for more information and, if you wish, get a personal top adviser.

investment services, retirement planning, accountants and financial planners.

financial engineering 

The creative application of financial technology to solve financial problems or create financial opportunities. Financial engineering involves creating desirable cash flows from new or existing investments. Financial engineering may tackle a problem such as determining how to allocate investment capital in order to maximize investment returns. Techniques that might be used include optimization technologies such as linear and quadratic programming.

financial plan 

An outline of a person or family’s financial goals and the steps that are necessary to reach them. The goals can include establishing a cash reserve for emergencies, purchasing a home, funding children’s education, or setting up a retirement account.

In order to establish a financial plan, it is important to gather current financial data. Then the data must be analyzed in conjunction with the goals that have been selected. Alternatives should be evaluated and decisions made. The plan must be monitored to make sure that it is being implemented correctly.

financial planner

Can be hired to set up a financial plan. A planner can be effective in helping examine current savings, investment, and insurance strategies along with budgeting practices. A planner also helps evaluate retirement planning efforts and tax planning. Financial professionals who may work as financial planners including accountants, life insurance advisors, stockbrokers, investment advisors, and attorneys specializing in tax or financial planning. Some people have a more general professional background and are simply financial planners.

Financial planners use a variety of methods to charge for their services. Our fee-based financial planners charge an hourly rate or a flat rate for their advice. They don’t earn a commission for investments that tour clients purchase.