Benelux network for interim managers and consultants

More and more Belgian companies use an interim manager, a professional who is temporarily employed in a specific department of the company. 

Three quarters of the financial directors want to use one more this year.

According to the federation of HR service providers Federgon, the number of interim managers already increased by 9% last year. By engaging such a temporary boss at critical moments, a company can use its expertise and experience for as long as necessary - usually a period of less than a year. Interim managers are particularly interesting because they are specialized, can be deployed immediately and guarantee a higher cost efficiency. They also have to work less long.

A study by recruiting company Robert Half, conducted at 200 financial directors, shows that 75% of Belgian CFOs want to put an interim boss to work in 2016. This encouraged the Vlerick Business School to offer a new master's program. It is a four-day program in English, aimed at managers with at least ten years of experience and costs almost 4,000 euros. (CMA)

Digital platform also breaks into the business of Interim Management

The new digital technology is changing the world.

They are also progressing unstoppably in the human resources sector, where mobile applications and big data technology are fundamentally revolutionizing the market. So much so that the concept of has been coined.

This digital evolution has not stopped and since 2004, an online Interim management provider has started to proliferate, a business that is still incipient, but that grows at an exponential rate, trying to make room between the established management providers threatening their hegemony.

This situation is reminiscent of what other business activities are already going through. See what is happening in the taxi, hotel or commercial sectors. These businesses have received online competitors such as Uber, Airbnb and Amazon, respectively. Seeing what is happening in these activities, interim management is the next to enter into competition with their digital counterparts such as

The best sign that the commercial battle in human resources is starting would be the success of the market leader in the Benelux as a virtual firm.  The online staffing has come to stay and will respond to the needs of clients that require a specific service.